Driver Wage Programs

Drives DDS Vehicles:

  1. Hourly Full & Part Time Drivers: $17 per hour to start for 90 days then a raise after 90 days. Over Time over 8. Must be willing to drive out of town if needed and Weekends.
  2. Commission Driver: 50% on all runs Driver pays all fuel. Must be willing to drive out of town.
  3. Commission Driver 2: 40% on all runs, DDS pay all fuel. Must be willing to drive out of town.

Drives Own Vehicle Program:

  1. Commission Driver with own vehicle: 65% on all runs, Driver pays for fuel & $450 per month on insurance (work any amount of time) or 18 per day (Driver must commit to 30 hour a week). Must be willing to drive out of town.
  2. Commission Driver with own car: 55% on all runs, Driver pay fuel & DDS pays insurance. Must commit to 40 hours per week. Must be willing to drive out of town.

Needed and to Qualify for a Drive:

  1. Clean DMV for 10 years
  2. 25 years of age and over
  3. Must pass a background Investigation, 10 year DMV report & Drug test
  4. CPR & First Aid (Red Cross Online Course)
  5. Transportation Training Video: Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) & Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). Call for login information.

Taxi Drivers:

Full or part time, 50% Commission, driver pays fuel, DDS supplies car and pays insurance plus maintenance.

Drivers qualification's:

  1. Redding city taxi license
  2. Clean driving record
  3. Drug and alcohol testing
  4. Background investigation

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