If you use our service a lot and can't use the APP or the website to book your ride, you can purchase a membership that will save you money. Just ask the Driver to purchase your membership.

  1. Monthly Membership $39.95 per month and receive 25% OFF
    On all rides in the city of Redding Ca. only. Must pay driver at the end of your ride.
  2. VIP Membership 40% savings on all rides from the website or driver.
    Just book on line and put your membership number in the box on the booking page of the Taxi Service or just call dispatcher. $59.95 per monthly
  3. Mega Ride Super Saving discount. 20 rides for $150.00.
    That's right each ride only $7.50 anywhere in the city limits of Redding, Ca. Once purchased, your name & phone number will be used as your Ride ID.

Gift Cards

  1. 2 Rides at $20
  2. 5 Rides at $50
  3. 10 Rides at $100

Memberships and coupons