Ride Sharing Partner:

Want to earn extra money part time or a full time job? Here at DDS Taxi we have a program designed just for the Ride Share Partner. Even if you drive for another ridesharing company you can drive for us as well. Download the DriverApp, register and contact us for the paperwork for the background. Once it comes back, you’re ready to go.

Here is what you’ll need: A good driving record (No DUI’s within 10 years), no misdemeanors resulting in property or personal damage or threatening nature and no felonies. A Vehicle no older than seven years old.

Here is what you make: 75% of the FAIR for the use of the APP and 3% on all credit card transactions (merchant fees).

Download the DriverApp today.



Taxi Cab Partner:

Great way to bring in extra money while on duty with your currant company. Here is what you'll need. Your FEE for the use of the App is $99.95 per month, 3% credit card fee on all Fairs which is charge to the customer. You make 100% of the fair.

1.      Current Taxi Cab license from the city.

2.      Current business license from the city

3.      Current drivers license