Independent Driver for Non-Medical Transportation Services/Non-Medical Transportation:

Members will be picking up at individuals or customers home and transporting them to their doctor appointments or hospital visits. Transportation could be in the city or out in any county. Driver will be paid 65% and must driver there own cars. Cars must pass a Vehicle inspection and no older than 7 years old. Drivers must have no DUI's & a 10 year clean driving record. Pass a background investigation & must obtain first aid and CPR certificate. All drivers will obtain a drug and alcohol test. Fee haidet with independent drivers will be $450 per month nonemergency medical transportation insurance and 3% accounting fee.

Example: Redding, Ca to Sacramento, Ca

Sacramento Trip (round trip) $448.00
65% Driver Commission $291.20
Accounting Fee 3% -$ 8.76
Driver Balance $282.46
Insurance per day -$22.50
Total Trip Due Driver $250.96

5 Trips per week $1299.80 weekly to driver